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A global insurance company with offices in over 25 countries.


The client had a significant concentration of resources in the City of London. As part of a competitive market and mindful of the economic landscape, particularly the cost of London occupation, it was important for the client to assess the opportunity for realising cost efficiencies in different locations, outside of London, whilst retaining the high benchmark for talent.


Our report sought to undertake a talent review of a particular region, and the surrounding area, to support a wider assessment of the ambition to transfer specific job functions from London.

Scope & Output

To provide this assessment we not only provided analysis of the region from a talent perspective but also key surrounding towns, due to their commutable distance to the existing site. This was conducted with an emphasis on providing evidence on the talent supply for corporate roles that are not Insurance specific such as HR, Technology and Finance.

For the Insurance specific roles, we sought to understand the wider area of the South-East of England, excluding London, to provide visibility of comparable businesses in the region that may possibly provide a technical talent supply to the existing site.

Through understanding the current talent supply, we provided an opinion as to the level of ambition that our client can demonstrate in relocating certain job functions to that site. However, we also looked to assess the viability of the location as a potential growth hub outside of London and in turn considered its economic future.