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A large professional services firm that provides assurance, tax and consulting services.


The client had, for some time, been considering opening an office in close proximity to the oil and gas market in Scotland  but felt that they had a lack of understanding of the relevant opportunities, challenges and threats of the local market, particularly in light of the downturn in the industry.


Accordingly, the client mandated us to investigate the market further and issue a report containing key data, insight and recommendations that would validate or challenge their internal strategy.

Scope & Output

It was agreed that we would provide the following:

 - Review of the key players in the professional services market, especially those offering Corporate Finance, Tax and Audit.
- Prevailing market opinion on the local economy, future market prospects, gaps in the market, feasibility of new entrant achieving success.
- Numbers and identity of senior-level talent within each organisation (Partners, Directors).
- General extent and quality of the talent market.
- Willingness of senior talent to consider a role with the client.
- Possible headhunting strategies based upon demonstrated levels of interest in the client’s proposition.
- Feasibility and advisability of organisation acquisition strategy.

In order to obtain the necessary intelligence, significant time was spent engaging directly with a range of individuals operating in the local market. These sources included Partners, Executive Partners and Directors within Corporate Finance, Tax and Audit, as well as lawyers, private equity professionals and local business people.