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An international private investment business.


With the clear ambition for further significant growth in the creation of a world class, diversified organisation, and to ensure that their corporate and governance functions supported this ambition, the client sought to appoint a new General Counsel and commensurate legal support.


Our purpose was to undertake a competitor analysis project that would provide the foundation to make recommendations as to the “best in class” organisational design in terms of establishing a new legal function alongside the proposed hire of a new General Council.

Scope & Output

The series consisted of four papers, highlighting four key areas:

  • Understanding the Landscape - Examining the in-house legal market within the private equity / principal investment sector and draw out some thematic views for consideration.

  • Purpose of the GC Role - Providing an overview as to the depth and breadth of the responsibility of the GC, highlighting how their role is split between these business areas and how this relates to the activity of the firm.

  • Organisational Design of In-house Legal Function - This paper assessed and elaborated, with examples, on existing legal functions at comparable firms, before relating these to the key characteristics of the GC that are deemed crucial in achieving value.

  • Cost - This paper considered the numerous factors that affect compensation from an organisational and structural point of view, thus giving insight into how compensation packages for senior legal individuals differ within the investment industry.